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July 7, 2010 / olaf

GeoRaptor release 2.1.1 (build 3)

The GeoRaptor team released a new version, a part from Simon’s mail to the development mailing list:

Friends and Colleagues,

For those who don’t know I joined the GeoRaptor development team and, for the past 4 months, have poured my heart and soul into making GeoRaptor an efficient and effective tool for people who work with Oracle Locator or Spatial every day.

Today we made our second official release since the new team took over. It is called release 2.1.1 (Build 3) and is available from:

We are preparing the release notes that will be available at:

Please keep visiting this wiki as there is an enormous amount of new functionality in this release. For example, now you can run VALIDATE_GEOMETRY_WITH_CONTEXT and actually have GeoRaptor take you to the errors that are described in the error string that the Oracle function returns! I know of no other tool that does this: and just this functionality would justify the expense of buying GeoRaptor if you had to pay for it! (You don’t!)

Please download the release from our central site and recommend it to other uses of SQL Developer and Spatial.

Also, if you find bugs or want to request enhancements please visit the GeoRaptor SourceForge page and enter your bug/enhancement request.

Finally, GeoRaptor is an open source development project. If you want to join and help in any way (not just programming), just let us know.


Snapshot of ordinate colouring



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