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March 16, 2010 / olaf

SQL Developer and Georaptor

With two entousiastic members  working on georaptor the spatial viewing plugin for SQL Developer is getting some momentum.

At the same time this raises the question what roads to follow to which future for the tool.  The plugin clearly is designed to give basic viewing capabilities to SQL Developer, to actually see Oracle Spatial geometries.

Rethinking Georaptor’s use-case involves getting clear why to use SQL Developer.  Personally I use SQL Developer because it is free, does not require an install and because it has GeoRaptor.  For SQL and PL/SQL I use PL/SQL Developer. Why ? Probably a combination of being used to PL/SQL Developer and me being unfamilliar with SQL Developer.

And GeoRaptor ? I mainly use Georaptor for visualising geometries when I have a feeling that there is something wrong with them.  This immediately brings me to one of the main issues. GeoRaptor works on entire tables which form layers. When having a table with millions of rows Georaptor tries to load them all. While mostly I am only interested in a few geometries. So a good use-case would be to show geometries from selected records in a result set.

Implementing this requires a redesign which calls for a discussion of uses for GeoRaptor which leads me to the start of this post…

I’ll try to structure my thoughts on use-cases fo Georaptor and write a new post in time.



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